Black Medium To Fit Cross, 2 Reills

Black "Cross" Ballpoint Refills, Medium

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Black "Cross" Ballpoint Refills, Medium
The Monteverde Soft Roll 2 Piece Blister Card Ballpoint Refills fit Cross ballpoint pens. Monteverde Soft Roll ink technology provides the latest low viscosity ink for the smoothest writing experience ever! Refills are high quality metal with a nickle silver tube and a Swiss tip.

To distinguish a Cross style refill from a Parker style Refill:
A "Cross" style refill has a knurled top with threads, like a screw.
Parker style refills do not have a threaded top and usually have a small spring over its end.

Color: Black
Point: Medium

Select Ballpoint Pens made at Lada Pen Company use Cross Refills, however most use a Parker Style refill. See details above to see which you have.

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