LPC Special Orders

There are almost an infinite combination of pen types and materials! You may see a type of pen you like online, but would rather it be in a different color, or acrylic, or wood. Maybe you see a pen you like, but like us to make another in that style. In either case, simply Contact Us, and we'll work with you to make it happen. Once we agree to the details and pricing, it will generally take 2 to 4 weeks to make and ship. We'll keep you posted along the way!

Pen/Gift Box Engraving
Perhaps, you'd like a pen/gift box engraved. We can do that. I can laser engrave a name, initials, date, logo, etc. on a pen/gift box of your choice. Our pen/gift boxes typically have our logo on the front, your item will not and our logo can optional be placed on the back.

Wedding  Register Pen, or "Sign In" Pens
Consider a Wedding Register Pen, as a wedding gift, or for use at your wedding! It's an excellent keepsake and goes well with an engraved box with the couples name, and ceremony date. We would work with you and recommend options. A rollerball is a good choice. For Bed and Breakfast, B&B Hotels, consider an elegant pen for your guests to sign in with. We have a "Royalty" style that would look great! Please Contact Us for assistance.

Company Recognition/Awards
If your company, or place of business, needs a special gift as an award or for recognition we can provide you with a custom pen(s). They go well with our Deluxe Cherry Wood pen box. Please Contact Us for assistance.

Pen Engraving
I've been asked frequently about engraving a name/logo on the pen itself. Some have recommended I put "Lada Pen", "Lada", or "LPC" on each of my handcrafted pens. First, all pens from Lada Pen Company include a card that includes the items unique number, our logo and details of the handcrafted nature of the item. This card acts as a "Certificate of Authenticity" to keep with you item. Covers for our boxes, also include the LPC number. That said, I have engraved pens and some have worked, and some have been ruined (and I had to remake them). Personally I feel the finished pen barrels are somewhat "ruined" with laser engraving. I am, however, open to discussions!

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