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Impeccably Handcrafted Fine Writing Instruments

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About Us

Lada Pen Company offers you a source for "Impeccably Handcrafted Fine Writing Instruments", pen accessories, supplies, and Field Notes brand pocket notebooks. Our handcrafted products are exquisite! Every single one of our pens is meticulously handcrafted and artistically designed to provide you with a totally unique one of a kind item. We purposely try to ensure every pen doesn't have a look-a-like and we do this by choosing different blanks for each pen, as well as contouring each pen a bit differently and/or adding covert design details in the way of bands, coves, inlays, segments, and/or painted elements.

They are all assembled with high quality components and designed to ensure that the overall shape, grains, colors, and final finish all complement each other. Our products are made one at a time, and not mass manufactured/turned by any form of automation. As our pens are uniquely designed, expect to see a great collection of varying styles. We typically stock around 30-70 pens, making more as they are sold. If you are interested, we also would be happy to work with you on a custom pen, or pens, that suits you, your business, or, to give someone as a gift. Please contact us to discuss.

We also retail Field Notes memo books. Both their brown cover series, as well as their Limited Editions, use papers that are compatible with LPC ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and Fountain pen inks! Consider a limited edition memo book for fountain pen use, as the papers used in those are heavier and whiter. We also offer ink cartridges and pen refills or use with all of our pens.

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