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Impeccably Handcrafted Fine Writing Instruments

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About Us

Lada Pen Company offers you a source for impeccably handcrafted fine writing instruments, Field Notes brand pocket notebooks, styluses, accessories, and supplies. Our pens are meticulously handcrafted and artistically designed to provide you with a totally unique one of a kind item. Our products are made one at a time, and not mass manufactured/turned by any form of automation. Select a popular pocket notebook from Field Notes, or choose an Easy Touch stylus for your Apple, Android, or Windows devices. Our handcrafted products are exquisite! They are assembled with high quality components and designed to ensure that the overall shape, grains, colors, and final finish all complement each other. Our custom designs typically incorporate intricately designed barrels with distinct coloring, contours, inlays, bands, and/or painted elements not found elsewhere. As our pens are uniquely designed, expect to see a great collection of varying styles. We provide custom designs and would be happy to work with you on an item that suits you, your business, or, as a special gift. Please contact us to discuss. To receive periodic updates of our new products, special promotions, and notification of events where will be attending, please Sign Up for our Newsletter!

Barry Lada