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Mini Ballpoint Refills
Mini Ballpoint Refill, Telescoping Styluses Only

Mini Ballpoint Refills

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Mini Ballpoint Black
Mini-Ballpoint Refills
This Mini-Ballpoint refill is for our Easy Touch Telescoping Pen/Stylus, "DIY" Pen, or Designer-Mini Pens. It will also fit any consumer pen requiring a Mini-Ballpoint refill.

Refilling your Telescoping Pen/Stylus
To refill, simply unscrew the pen's tip, then pull the refill straight out of the pen. The new refill simply pushes back into place. The pen's tip can then be replaced.

Refilling your The "DIY" (Has small black cap under which is a screwdriver bit)
Twist off the bottom section of the pen (not the pen tip). This will expose a white tip. Unscrew the white tip and remove. The Mini-Ballpoint refill can then be pulled off and replaced.

Refilling your Designer-Mini
Replace the refill by pulling off the top section above the center band. The center band acts as a spacer, if it comes off, simply replace it. Then unscrew the yellow cap. The refill simply slides out of/into the yellow cap. Replace refill/yellow cap and then press sections together again (align grains/patterns as applicable). The center band is typically loose, and will turn.

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