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The Compass FP,  LE#01, Millefiori Flowers
Millefiori Canes and Sterling Silver

The Compass FP, LE#01, Millefiori Flowers

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The "Compass" FP, Limited Edition #01, Millefiori Flowers
Millefiori Cane, with purple and white flowers. Originating sometime in the 1800s, Millefiori was ornamental glass produced by cutting cross sections of fused bundles of glass rods of various colors and sizes. The barrels of this Limited Edition pen, 1 of 2, uses the same technique, however, the material fused into bundles is a polymer clay. Using various clay colors, intricate "canes" are made, then sliced very thin. For this Limited Edition Compass pen, dozens of these thin slices were created, in the shape of purple and white flowers. They were then wrapped around a brass tube and combined to form the overall design. It was then rolled, slightly smaller then required for the pen's diameter. The clay is then baked, for curing. Once the material is cooled, it's meticulously hand sanded, then coated with multiple layers of acrylic, sanded again, then buffed and polished to a high sheen. A micro-crystalline wax is then applied.

Although not a video of this specific item, this video demonstrates the work and artistic skill used in creating Millefiori slices.

The other components used in this fountain pen are Sterling Silver, complemented with black accents. This fountain pen comes with a medium steel nib with an Iridium tip, paired with an ink converter for use with your favorite fountain pen inks. LPC-176 and LPC-177 are the only two pens made with these custom Millefiori clay canes and are designated at Limited Editions 1 and 2 respectively. A perfect fountain pen for personal use or pen collector.

Pen: 4 13/16"
Closed: 5 1/8"
Posted: 6 1/4"
Weight: 1.3 (/38 g)

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