The Harvard FP, Garnet Swirl Gold & Browns
Garnet Swirl and Gun Metal with Titanium Gold Accents

The Harvard FP, Garnet Swirl Gold & Browns

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Fountain Pen
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The "Harvard" FP,  Garnet Swirl Gold & Browns
This fountain pen has been turned from a garnet swirl acrylic, exhibiting golds and rich brown colors. The cap and barrel each have one hand-turned band. This item has components in gun metal with gold titanium accents and a two-tone, silver and gold, iridium tipped nib. The Harvard features detailed engravings in its accent bands, clip, and cap cover. This pen closes easily in one of three positions, however, the cap on this fountain pen does not post.

This fountain pen comes standard with a broad nip and a Schmidt ink converter for use with your favorite inks. The nib is also compatible with standard international ink cartridges.

Length: 4 13/16" (122.2 mm)
Capped Length: 5 1/2" (139.7 mm)
Posted Length: N/A (Not designed to post)
Weight: 2 oz/56.7g

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