The Panache RB, Roman Olive Wood
The Panache, the ONLY Stand Up Rollerball Pen!

The Panache RB, Roman Olive Wood

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Totally Unique Stand Up Rollerball Pen made from Roman Olive Wood
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The "Panache" RB, Roman Olive Wood
Highly unique, the Panache is a one of a kind "Stand Up" rollerball pen! When on the desk in the closed position, some will see it as desk art! The upper and lower pen barrels are made from Olive Wood from Rome! They have beautiful light, to medium brown, grain patterns. The ends and center band of the Panache pen are made of Rhodium. When opened, the wider end contains the pen's section, also made of Rhodium. The Olive Wood has been sealed and polished with friction polish. Clear micro-crystalline wax was then applied to protect the wood while allowing the natural coloring of the wood to show though. This pen comes with a Schmidt 888 "Fine" point refill, made in Germany with a ceramic point. Although marked as a "Fine" point, it writes a almost like a Medium point. This is a great looking unique rollerball pen that doubles as a piece of art!

Pen Length: 5" (128mm)
Closed Pen: 5 3/16" (132mm)
Posted: NA
Weight: 2oz (56g)

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